2020 is a choice between Democracy and Fascism

Abbey Arletto
2 min readSep 30, 2020

How many times, in how many elections, have Republicans framed it as a choice for or against Socialism?

Democrats have never run a candidate who came remotely close to anything resembling even the Center-Left of other Western democracies, but that has never stopped Republicans from trying to conflate American Liberalism with some sort of Communism. They've been doing it since the 1890s and they'll keep doing it regardless of how much the Democratic Party moves right. FDR, Truman, JFK, Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were all smeared as Marxist Communists by Republicans.

In the first debate of the 2020 election, Donald Trump spoke directly to far-right hate group Proud Boys and told them to "stand by". He has spoken favorably of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year old right-wing militia member who killed two people and wounded two others in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He called marching white nationalists in Charlotteville "very fine people", after one of them murdered a protester and wounded several others. And he has refused to promise a peaceful transfer of power if he loses.

It's high time Democrats, who have been unfairly smeared as communists by Republicans for over a century, frame this election as a choice for or against Fascism. Because that's what it is.

Trump is a Fascist. Period. And since he's being protected and aggressively supported by the Republican Party, it makes them Fascists too.

Democrats need to hit them hard on the idolization of Trump by Neo-Nazis, White Pride, the Klan and assorted other extremist hate groups. Force Republicans to defend their continued support of a man who, on national TV, issued orders to a well-known militant group of violent extremists, as if they were his own private army to command.

It's time for Democrats to call a spade a spade and turn the tables on the GOP who want nothing more than to keep the old red scare tactic going. Name them and shame them! They are Fascists and that's what this election is really about.

Abbey Arletto

Political scientist, activist and freelance writer from Maine.